FAST Receives Green Business Certification

(Fayetteville, N.C.) – The Fayetteville Area System of Transit (FAST) has become the third City department to be certified as a green business by Sustainable Sandhills. Fayetteville Regional Airport and the Environmental Services Department are the other two City departments that are green business certified.

Sustainable Sandhills, a nonprofit dedicated to conserving the natural resources of the eight county region surrounding Fort Bragg, created the Green Business Program to encourage and recognize small to mid-size businesses to improve their environmental performance. FAST meets the criteria of green business certification by using a large number of environmental initiatives, including:

Discontinuing the use of Styrofoam; replacing paper towels with energy efficient hand dryers; using non-toxic office supplies; maintaining their own fleet to maximize fuel efficiency, including monitoring tire pressure and replacing filters; utilizing teleconferencing to avoid unnecessary travel; operating with five hybrid diesel buses and one hybrid diesel light transit vehicle; and using two-sided printing as a standard practice.

FAST also uses the back side of previously printed paper for notes, faxes, drafts, and printouts; utilizes reused packaging materials; recycles office paper, toner and ink cartridges, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, cans, and plastic; provides an outdoor receptacle for cigarette butt disposal; uses a water conserving icemaker; uses caulk and weather stripping around windows and doors; and purchases equipment and appliances that are energy star-rated.

Transit replaced administrative building toilets with more energy efficient versions; replaced old faucets with high energy faucet aerators; placed occupancy censors in bathrooms; added solar lights to bus shelters; placed turn off light labels in the administrative building; installed a programmable thermostat; replaced old windows with energy efficient windows; and placed blinds on windows.

“It’s a great honor as a Transit Department to be certified as a green business,” FAST Director Randy Hume said. “In the transportation industry, especially in today’s culture, it benefits the Fayetteville Area System of Transit to operate environmentally friendly. This is a milestone for our department and I’m grateful Sustainable Sandhills has recognized us for our efforts.”


Published on March 21, 2012 by Nathan Walls