Amazing Acts of Character Recipient (February 2015)

Fayetteville – Each month through the school system’s character recognition program titled ‘Amazing Acts of Character,’ schools are asked to nominate students who display character above and beyond expected behavior. 

One student was recently selected from individual school nominations for displaying ‘Amazing Acts of Character’ and will be recognized and honored during the Cumberland County Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, March 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room of CCS’ Central Services building. The honoree is as follows:

Justin Edge, a 2nd grader at Glendale Acres Elementary School – Justin’s teacher, Leisa Jackson, said the seven year old is a very trustworthy student. “It is his nature to be honest and in everything he does, this trait comes out,” said Jackson. She has noticed that he monitors the classroom treasure box to see that only one treasure is taken and he often returns toys, paper, and pencils to their rightful owner. Justin’s level of honesty surpasses most. “If I say that it is too loud in the classroom and if someone was talking they should move their behavior chart color, Justin is the first to go to the board to move his color.” According to his mother, at home “he is a stickler for following rules and telling the truth, even if it could get him into trouble.” She has noted that he is always willing to speak up so that others are not corrected for something someone else has done.

The ‘Amazing Acts of Character’ committee selects winners based on school nominations. The winners are then recognized at the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education. A special trophy and certificate are presented to each student winner.



Published on March 6, 2015 by Renarta Clanton Moyd