Local Schools Win Top Awards at Middle School Forensics State Finals

On Saturday, April 30, the 2016 Middle School Forensics State Final was held at Rogers-Herr Middle School in Durham.  Students participated in six separate events: Public Forum, Extemporaneous Speaking, Duo Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, and Original Oratory.  In the Interpretation categories, students performed memorized literary works, and in Original Oratory students presented their own original persuasive speeches.  Students participating in Extemporaneous Speaking came prepared to speak on three topics—US Politics, Africa and the Middle East, and the US Economy—but did not know what questions they would answer before drawing them before the beginning of the round.  They then had 30 minutes to prepare a persuasive speech.  And in Public Forum Debate, teams argued for or against pulling U.S. troops from Okinawa.


Below are the top six ranking students in each category and the top six ranking schools:

Humorous Interpretation

6- Arianna Herring, 71st Classical Middle School, Fayetteville

5- Antonio Santiago, New Century International Middle School, Fayetteville

4- Bomani Mwamba, New Century International

3- Joy Bao-Dai, Jay M Robinson Middle School, Charlotte

2- Rachel Curtis, Jay M Robinson

State Champion- Vinitha Sunkara, Jay M Robinson


Dramatic Interpretation

6-Colby Blackwell, Pine Forest Middle School, Fayetteville

5- Ramaya Wike, Gray’s Creek Middle School, Hope Mills

4- Arianna Darden, Mac Williams Middle School, Fayetteville

3- Rebecca McCartney, 71st Classical

2- Reagan Amos, Meadowview Magnet Middle School, Mt. Airy

State Champion- Julia Dyer, New Century International


Extemporaneous Speaking

6- Peyton Warren, Gray’s Creek

5- Nadia Hussein, JN Fries Magnet School, Concord

4- Jackson Lewer, Jay M Robinson

3- Aditya Senthil, JN Fries

2- Luke Suh, New Century International

State Champion- Rashad Rahman, 71st Classical


Original Oratory

6- Faith Frizzi, JN Fries

5- Naina Mittal, 71st Classical

4- Sherry Liu, Jay M Robinson

3- Kaylee Newcomer, Gray’s Creek

2- Emily Rogers, Mac Williams

State Champion- Naomi Ovrutski, Jay M Robinson


Duo Interpretation

6- Josie Savnik and Tayshlei Owens, Mac Williams

5- Silas Benavides and Aaron Pizzaro, New Century International

4- Pate Fuller and Riley Hall, 71st Classical

3- Hannah Daniels and Damian Gunter, Gray’s Creek

2- Josh Hurd and Christyna Regan, JN Fries

State Champions- Rakshita Kothapalli and Meghna Iyer, Jay M Robinson


Public Forum

6- Hope Bartlinski and Emma Warrick, New Century International

5- Asia Murchison and Richelle Ntumy, 71st Classical

4- Himanshu Kunwar and Andres Hui, 71st Classical

3- Krithika Senthil and Mastawal Tirfe, JN Fries

2- Tisha Abdul and Tanmayee Kanagala, JN Fries

State Champions- Devin Desai and Luke Draygo, Jay M Robinson


And the top six schools:


6- Mac Williams Middle School, Fayetteville

5- Gray’s Creek Middle School, Fayetteville

4- JN Fries Magnet School, Concord

State Third Place- New Century International Middle School, Fayetteville

State Runner-up- 71st Classical Middle School, Fayetteville

State Champion- Jay M Robinson Middle School, Charlotte


Middle School Forensics is one of 23 competitions that will determine the best high school and middle school in the state.  The NCASA Scholastic Cup and NCSSM Challenge Cup will be awarded to the high schools and middle schools with the best overall performance among the 23 major scholastic competitions in North Carolina.  Points are awarded for participation and excellence in NCASA and partner competitions.




Published on May 6, 2016 by Renarta Clanton Moyd